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Hatewatch Headlines 9/6/2016

Reuters: Arch-conservative icon Phylis Schlafly dies at age 92.

Right Wing Watch: Meet Donald Trump’s far-right allies who’ll be players at the Values Voters Summit.

New York Times: Trump’s alt-right brain is helping a racist philosophy spread.

Washington Post: African-Americans worry that Trump has awakened a resentment that won’t go away.

Media Matters: CNN’s Erin Burnett presses Trump adviser on his appeal to white supremacists and the KKK.

Salon: When Trump touts the ‘Mexico sends them’ myth, he’s channeling far-right immigration conspiracy theories.

Raw Story: Trump still refuses to denounce the ‘birther’ movement, says ‘I don’t talk about it.’

WKMS-FM (Paducah, KY): White nationalist group’s arrival on Murray State campus creates growing unease.

The Daily Beast: The disgusting Breitbart smear against the immigrant owner of Chobani.

New York Times: FBI arrests Florida man for allegedly threatening to commit mass killing of gays.

KTVB-TV (Boise, ID): Idaho bus driver fired after video shows her pouring water on Latino student, ordering him to speak English.

Star-Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Minnesota camp cancels booking of Nordic heritage group with white supremacist bent.

WTTV-TV (Indianapolis, IN): Indianapolis man arrested, accused of plotting act of domestic terrorism.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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