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Hatewatch Headlines 9/29/2016

Rolling Stone: Kris Kobach’s Crosscheck program helps the GOP wage war on Americans’ voting rights.

Media Matters: An all-white panel on Fox News decides that there’s nothing racist about the birther movement.

Review Journal (Las Vegas, NV): Citing back problems, Cliven Bundy’s attorney wants out of Bunkerville case.

Think Progress: California will no longer pay for state workers to travel to anti-LGBT states like North Carolina.

Raw Story: Texas prisons ban books by Shakespeare and Langston Hughes, but Hitler and David Duke are OK.

Carbonated: New Jersey man caught on video yelling anti-Semitic epithets after traffic accident.

Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre- PA): Vendor selling Nazi flag is no longer at Pennsylvania fair.

KCUR-FM (Lawrence, KS): Young white nationalist seeks foothold in Kansas politics by promoting ‘Identity Europa.’

Yakima Herald (WA): Ellensburg residents concerned by KKK fliers, but officials say presence isn’t growing.

BuzzFeed: Pennsylvania police officer loses both her jobs after posting photo of herself in uniform with a racial slur.

Dallas Observer: Black Lives Matter activist says he befriended Aryan Brotherhood members during brieft stint in prison.

Right Wing Watch: Rick Joyner says he’s now confident that global climate change is an invention of the Communist Party.

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