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Hatewatch Headlines 9/28/2016

Salon: Pepe endures a post-debate identity crisis as alt-right turns on Donald Trump after televised fiasco.

Right Wing Watch: Trump’s new pro-life adviser wants to ban abortions without ‘abominable’ exceptions.

New York Times Magazine: Trump has turned 2016 into the conspiracy theorists’ election.

Crooks and Liars: Nazi Youth, Donald Trump flags for sale side-by-side at Pennsylvania fair.

Canton Daily Ledger (OH): Here’s a ‘Magnificent Seven’ of genuine ‘Deplorables’ who fit the description.

Oregonian: Grant County’s ‘constitutional’ sheriff invokes the Fifth when questioned about public records.

Oregon Public Broadcasting: Prosecution in Malheur standoff trial turns wrapping up its case.

BuzzFeed: Meet Brigitte Gabriel of ACT!, the charming terrifying face of the anti-Islam lobby.

Slate: Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa complains that Germany isn’t ethnically pure enough anymore.

Dallas Eater (TX): Dallas bar under fire for kicking out patron who objected to patron wearing Nazi imagery.

WKNO-FM (Cordova, TN): Arkansas white Southern nationalists hold first state conference in Conway.

The Daily Beast: Hmong refugees say right-wing sheriff intimidated them at gunpoint.

The State (Columbia, SC): Jury screening in Dylann Roof death penalty case goes quickly in Charleston.

Think Progress: United Nations says ‘racial terrorism’ against black people in U.S. persists, calls for reparations.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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