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Hatewatch Headlines 9/26/2016

The Atlantic: Donald Trump’s rhetoric playing a key role in the rise of anti-Muslim violence, study finds.

McClatchy DC: Poll finds Clinton’s remarks about ‘deplorables’ sticks more to Trump than the reverse.

Salon: Trump’s farcical outreach to black voters is just old white supremacy in disguise.

Newsweek: How Trump has demonized the Latino community with false smears.

The Jewish Chronicle: How a cartoon frog became a signal of Trump-spawned hate.

BBC: Richard Spencer explains why the 2016 election is about ‘white pride’ and the new nationalism.

Washington Post: Mass deportation isn’t just impractical, it’s very, very dangerous.

Oregonian: Pro-gun extremists burn Oregon’s governor in effigy during protest over gun law at state capitol.

Right Wing Watch: Rep. Dave Brat claims the ‘real institutional racism’ is taking the Bible out of public schools.

Arizona Republic: The anti-LGBT Alliance Defending Freedom fights the culture wars from an office park.

The University Daily Kansan (Lawrence, KS): Harassment of transgender woman condemned by campus authorities.

Raw Story: University of North Dakota ‘appalled’ after second racist social-media in three days is exposed.

Gothamist: Hasidic man convicted of gang assault in brutal beating of gay black man.

AlterNet: Far-right anti-Muslim ‘consultant’ to be honored speaker at Illinois police SWAT training.

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