Hatewatch Headlines 9/23/2016

Oregonian: Judge threatens Ammon Bundy’s attorney with contempt charges if he keeps bringing up Finicum.

BuzzFeed: Donald Trump explains why he stopped being a birther: ‘We want to get on with the campaign.’

Mediaite: White nationalist leader tells reporter that Trump’s ‘arrow is pointing in our direction.’

News and Observer (Charlotte, NC): Rep. Robert Pittenger says Charlotte protesters ‘hate white people.’

Knoxville News (TN): USA Today suspends pundit’s column after he urges drivers to ‘Run them down’ in Charlotte.

Talking Points Memo: Ohio Trump campaign official resigns after telling reporter there was no racism before Obama.

Media Matters: Clinton-obsessed Judicial Watch hosts discredited conspiracy theorists to push new misinformation.

New York Times: Immigrants are not taking Americans’ jobs, new study finds.

The Daily Beast: For the Virginia Flaggers, love of Confederacy is about hate, not heritage.

Union-Sun & Journal (Lockport, NY): Local teenager arrested after making racially charged threats against Obama.

Right Wing Watch: FRC’s Robert Maginiss claims that witches ‘advise the senior leadership of the country.’

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