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Hatewatch Headlines 9/22/2016

Mother Jones: Meet the white nationalists, neo-Nazis, militiamen, Klansmen, and other extremist leaders endorsing Donald Trump.

Salon: The farther you dig into Trump Jr.’s background, the more his connections to white nationalists deepen.

Talking Points Memo: Trump’s new outreach to black voters includes a plan to use more ‘stop and frisk’ tactics.

Media Matters: Alex Jones discusses his personal phone calls with Trump, plans to advise him on Snowden.

Esquire: The Daily Show uncovered some hot new conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton at a Trump rally.

Right Wing Watch: Scott Lively hopes to see some Russian-style anti-LGBT laws passed if Trump wins the presidency.

KTVB-TV (Boise, ID): High schoolers’ defense of ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural draws Confederate flags in counter-protest.

Raw Story: Horrified black family posts viral video showing daughter’s classmates singing about ‘niggers’ on the bus.

Phoenix New Times: Arizona’s ‘slut shaming’ preacher arrested for assault after allegedly kicking woman in chest.

Oregonian: Jurors in Malheur standoff trial hear FBI crisis negotiator’s calls to refuge holdouts.

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