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Hatewatch Headlines 9/19/2016

Think Progress: Donald Trump attempts to rewrite his history as a ‘birther,’ especially after 2011, but here’s what happened.

Talking Points Memo: Trump again stirs controversy by ‘joking’ about Hillary Clinton’s assassination.

Media Matters: As Trump tries to drop birtherism, top aide Roger Stone says he still has doubts about Obama’s birthplace.

Mother Jones: Trump campaign CEO was a big promoter of anti-Muslim extremists on his radio show.

Raw Story: Here are the neo-Nazi origins of Trump Jr. ‘warming up the gas chamber’ remarks.

New York Magazine: How racist Internet trolls won the 2016 election.

New York Times: Hate crimes against Muslim Americans the most since the post-9/11 era.

The Atlantic: How ‘The Turner Diaries’ transformed white nationalism into a deeply violent worldview.

Phoenix New Times (AZ): Despite legal settlement, the zombie spirit of the anti-immigrant SB1070 lives on in Arizona.

QNS: Last two suspects in deadly anti-gay beating in New York’s Woodhaven neighborhood admit guilt, DA says.

Commercial-Appeal (Memphis, TN): Memphis legislator under fire for dubious investment in anti-Muslim hate group’s company.

Vice: Neo-Nazis are using a white-only homeless charity to spread their racial hatred.

Washington Post: How Muslim women bear the brunt of the recent surge of violent Islamophobia.

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