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Hatewatch Headlines 8/3/2016

Media Matters: White nationalists love Donald Trump’s attacks on Khan family, urge they be deported.

Right Wing Watch: On white nationalist ‘Political Cesspool,’ hosts praise GOP for ‘moving towards us via Trump.’

Oregon Public Broadcasting: ‘Captain’ Joe O’Shaughnessy, midlevel organizer of Malheur standoff, pleads guilty to conspiracy.

The Oregonian: Ammon Bundy to appeal his detention, again seek delay in his scheduled Sept. 7 trial.

Think Progress: Anti-Islam speech online may be linked to increased hate-crime attacks on Muslims.

ABC News: Dylann Roof’s attorneys file challenge to death penalty, saying it’s unconstitutional.

GQ: Why angry white men love calling people they don’t like ‘cucks.’

KFSM-TV (Harrison, AR): Harrison holds its first-ever Pride festival, and League of the South shows up to protest.

Washington Post: Assault on two transgender women in Maryland leads to hate crime charges against two men.

WZTV-TV (Nashville, TN): Graffiti under Nashville underpass depicts Klansman holding a ‘Trump’ sign, but intent isn’t clear.

Raw Story: Arkansas shop owner tells lesbian couple not to hold hands, since ‘I want this to be a family store.’

AL.com: Roy Moore’s strange legal saga takes fresh twist as he’s ordered to turn over unredacted memos sent to fellow justices.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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