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Hatewatch Headlines 8/29/2016

The Guardian: Donald Trump’s legacy threatens to be the return of race politics to America’s mainstream.

Christian Science Monitor: Trump voters respond to ‘alt right’ allegations, claim it’s all unfair.

Mother Jones: How Donald Trump won over Europe’s far-right xenophobes.

Raw Story: Clinton jab provokes white nationalist leader to retort that he’s not a supremacist, since he thinks Asians are superior.

Carbonated: The Internet attacks Trump’s neo-Nazi trolls with #AltRightMeans.

Essence: Black congressman targeted with racially offensive calls in the wake of DCCC email hack revelations.

WMUR-TV (Salem, MA): Explosive placed inside of distribution box for LGBT newspaper, case investigated as hate crime.

The Oregonian: Constitutionalist sheriff Glenn Palmer makes his own rules in Oregon’s Grant County.

Fusion: Georgia pastor who said Orlando victims ‘got what they deserved’ arrested for child molestation.

WRIC-TV (Richmond, VA): Recruitment fliers for Heimbach’s white nationalist group appear on Virginia Commonwealth campus.

Washington Post: The tragic case of a child who was forced to kill his abusive, neo-Nazi father.

KPBS News (San Diego, CA): Anti-terrorism training by anti-Muslim group attended by San Diego sheriff’s deputies draws criticism.

Think Progress: Maine’s Gov. Paul LePage says people of color are ‘the enemy,’ implies they should be shot.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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