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Hatewatch Headlines 8/26/2016

Washington Post: Clinton, Trump exchange charges over racism, bigotry in their respective campaigns.

Right Wing Watch: ‘Alt right’ founder Richard Spencer demands Clinton apologize to ‘European-Americans everywhere.’

Media Matters: What is the ‘alt right’? A guide to the white-nationalist movement now leading conservative media.

Chicago Tribune: With his Breitbart hires, Trump’s campaign declares political bankruptcy.

Mother Jones: How Trump took a narrative of unfairness to working-class whites and twisted it to his advantage.

The Daily Beast: The plot within the GOP, led by FRC’s Tony Perkins, to make ‘gay conversion’ therapy party dogma.

Boulder Weekly: Connections between proposed legislation and antigovernment extremists threaten public lands in the West.

Raw Story: ‘I lost, the nigger won’: Alabama GOP mayor gets racist on Facebook after losing to black candidate.

Charleston Gazette-Mail (WV): West Virginia attorney general fires aide who recited white-supremacist slogans in video.

KJRH-TV (Tulsa, OK): Man claiming to be ‘white supremacist’ arrested after assault in East Tulsa.

Triad City Beat (Greensboro, NC): North Carolina cites anti-LGBT hate group in brief defending state’s anti-transgender ‘bathroom’ law.

Pacific Standard: If diversity is so important to liberal whites, why do they keep fleeing Asian ethnoburbs?

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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