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Hatewatch Headlines 8/24/2016

AlterNet: Trump’s alignment with white-nationalist ideology is now complete with his Bannon hire.

Media Matters: Rachel Maddow calls it ‘nuclear’ that Trump cites the anti-immigration group CIS in his ad.

Imagine 2050: Anti-immigration spokesperson Mark Krikorian is now a Trump adviser.

Access ADL: White-supremacist group is behind Houston ‘White Lives Matter’ protest.

Vocativ: How neo-Nazis are flirting with the LGBT community.

Salon: How science fiction’s Hugo Awards got hijacked by the ‘alt right’ and its Trumpian-style warriors.

OC Weekly (CA): Study finds Orange County whites want nothing to do with Mexicans, but Asians are OK.

The Daily Beast: The far right’s favorite anti-LGBT doctor strikes again with a phony ‘study.’

Right Wing Watch: Ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann claims Obama has ‘sanctioned’ violence against conservatives, white people.

Raw Story: Biracial Kansas family hit with racist letter warning, ‘This neighborhood does not need any blacks.’

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