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Hatewatch Headlines 8/18/2016

Storify: How white supremacists are using Twitter to organize, recruit, and unify.

Mashable: Race-related conversations remain divided on social media.

Think Progress: Donald Trump’s strange new attack on Hillary Clinton echoes white supremacists.

Politico: Clinton camp blasts Trump’s new campaign team for its history of white nationalism, racism.

Salon: It’s not the economy that’s driving angry white men to support Trump, it’s race.

Raw Story: Listen to how Trump supporters talk when they think nobody’s listening.

Imagine 2050: Nativists helped create, then celebrate Trump’s ‘extreme vetting’ plan for immigrants.

Media Matters: Seeking ‘balance,’ The Hill gives conspiracy theorist Roger Stone a platform to claim election could be rigged.

McClatchy: Tulsa murder of Muslim man shines a spotlight on the lack of bias-crime data.

NBC News: Wyoming judge faces removal from bench for her refusal to sanction same-sex marriages.

KOMO-TV (Seattle): African American man stabbed in Olympia by man with racist tattoos complaining about Black Lives Matter.

Research for Progress: David Horowitz’s incendiary new campaign targets U.S. campuses.

Westhampton Patch (Long Island, NY): Ku Klux Klan leader vows to lead counter-protest for Black LivesMatter rally.

New York Times: Scientists just say ‘no’ to ‘chemtrails’ conspiracy theories.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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