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Hatewatch Headlines 7/8/2016

Media Matters: A white nationalist website is sponsoring a Republican Convention rally featuring Trump surrogates.

Think Progress: New poll reveals that American’s anti-immigrant attitudes are fueled by racism.

Right Wing Watch: Pat Buchanan warns that ‘white America has begun to die.’

Huffington Post: Someone shot at a mosque in College Station, Texas, in the latest attempt to terrorize the Muslim community.

The Oregonian: Judge denies Bundy brothers’ request for a delay in their trial on Malheur standoff charges.

Associated Press: Seven Latino Los Angeles men charged with hate crimes in firebombing of black families.

Salon: Right-wing delusions about ‘anti-white propaganda’ are a futile attempt to shield children from the historical truth about racism.

Clayton News Daily (GA): Sovereign citizens break up county council meeting with attempt to make ‘citizens arrest’ of council members.

Chicagoist: White supremacist group tries to redecorate the Loop with fascist propaganda, gets shut down promptly.

Washington Post: Here they are, the ‘enemies of equality’ for LGBT Americans.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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