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Hatewatch Headlines 7/28/2016

Daily Kos: Neo-Nazi radio program The Political Cesspool going mainstream in the party of Trump.

KOMO-TV (Seattle): Threatening racist note to mother of mixed-race children concludes: ‘Go Trump!’

The Algemeiner: Expert says Wikileaks ‘knew what it was doing’ when invoking anti-Semitic tropes on Twitter.

Raw Story: Marco Rubio to headline event by radical anti-LGBT hate group Liberty Counsel.

Oak Ridge Today (TN): Prosecutor’s office recused in fatal crash case because of liens filed by ‘sovereign citizen’ defendant. 

Miami Herald: Driver accused of ramming Confederate-flag van into black couple in parking lot.

LGBTQ Nation: Anti-LGBT pastor Steven Anderson complains he’s been victimized by pranks related to Africa trip.

Blavity: Ku Klux Klan member convicted of killing four girls in 1963 church bombing is up for parole.

The Oregonian: Former white supremacist gang member testifies that ‘enforcer’ tried to remove tattoo with sander.

Right Wing Watch: Ex-congressman J.D. Hayworth says that learning Spanish is ‘cultural surrender.’

KTVB-TV (Portland, OR): Second trial in Oregon refuge-takeover case will wait until February.

Imagine 2050: Anti-Muslim ACT! for America’s Brigitte Gabriel plans trip to Idaho town sponsored by John Birch Society.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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