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Hatewatch Headlines 7/18/2016

Wall Street Journal: Ex-Marine who went on Baton Rouge rampage, killing three cops, linked to antigovernment extremists.

AlterNet: It’s Donald Trump’s big show in Cleveland, so get ready for some wild conspiracy theorists and pistol-packing bikers.

Think Progress: GOP platform now officially includes endorsement of Bundy-like plan to get rid of all national parks and forests.

New York Daily News: After ‘white elevators’ sign spotted at Republican convention, party scrambles to replace it.

Raw Story: Top Trump ally threatens anti-Trump GOP delegate, saying ‘You should be hung for treason.’

Right Wing Watch: Rep. Steve King defends Confederate flag on his desk, claims slavery was just ‘small part’ of the Civil War.

CBS Boston (MA): Rhode Island mosque vandalized in wake of Nice truck attack.

The Columbian (Vancouver, WA)­­­­­: Man with neo-Nazi ties arrested in rural town after three people found murdered.

CBS DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX): ‘White lives matter’ protest in downtown Dallas attracts only a handful.

Talking Points Memo: West Virginia Republican now says he was just using ‘hyperbole’ when he called for Hillary Clinton’s execution.

KFVS-TV (Cape Girardeau, MO): Small-town Kentucky residents find Ku Klux Klan fliers spread in their driveways.

Media Matters: On Fox News, Newt Gingrich calls for testing everyone of a ‘Muslim background’ in the U.S. for Sharia beliefs.

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