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Hatewatch Headlines 7/11/2016

Think Progress: Congressional proposal would create a Texas-sized ‘Republic of Cliven Bundy.’

The State (Columbia, SC): Secessionists raise Confederate flag over State House briefly again during Sunday rally.

Right Wing Watch: Oath Keepers call for establishment of militias to protect police in response to Dallas ambush.

VOA News: Investigators rule out links to terror groups in Dallas police shootings.

The American Prospect: How Donald Trump is using bigotry as a campaign strategy.

Media Matters: Roger Stone’s pro-Trump rally at GOP convention drops white-nationalist sponsor.

The National: Preaching hatred of Islam, as Frank Gaffney does regularly, does nothing to help Christians.

Raw Story: CNN pundits goes off on whites who believe they ‘allowed’ Obama to be president.

Huffington Post: Conservative media finally starting to realize that racist violence by police is a problem.

KPTV-TV (Portland, OR): Man caught on camera pulling gun on Oregon BLM protester will face felony charges.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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