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Hatewatch Headlines 6/3/2016

Trump delegate wants current leaders killed; Judge releases two Oregon standoff participants; College cancels anti-Muslim training session; and more.

Mother Jones: Trump delegate, a militia organizer, says current U.S. leaders may need to be ‘killed.’

Raw Story: CNBC cuts off segment when Trump spokesman boasts that he’s ‘a racist for the American employee.’

Right Wing Watch: David Barton says that voting biblically this year means voting for Trump so he can appoint Supreme Court.

Media Matters: Exodus of minority staff members at continue at RNC as GOP embraces Trump.

Talking Points Memo: Trump has nothing on some of the extremist candidates seeking office around the country.

Oregonian: Federal judge allows release of Oregon standoff defendants Jake Ryan and Travis Cox.

The Independent (UK): Texas college cancels controversial law enforcement training led by anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist.

Think Progress: Texas lieutenant governor launches crusade against the state’s transgender students.

Security: The threat of the antigovernment ‘sovereign citizen’ movement, and how law enforcement officers can respond.

West Hawaii Today: Self-described sovereign citizen, leader of ‘Freedom Riders,’ tries citizen’s arrest of judge, and fails.

MSN: Sikh man shot to death at Newark gas station, family suspects hate crime.

Pink News: Anti-LGBT groups will attempt to disrupt Target shareholder meeting over trans bathroom policy.

WKMS-FM (Paducah, KY): Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers in Kentucky target controversy over bathrooms.

ABC7 Chicago: Mother, two sons arrested for beating, attempting to drown black man while yelling racial slurs.

Detroit Free Press: Grosse Pointe teenagers’ racist video creates furor at high school, community.

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