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Hatewatch Headlines 6/29/2016

Oregonian: Harney County voters refuse to recall judge who stood up to Malheur ‘patriots’ by 70-30% margin.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Seeking earlier trial for the state, solicitor says federal trial for Dylann Roof ‘lacks relevance.’

Salon: Racists, energized by Trump and the Brexit vote, are acting out more – sometimes violently.

McClatchy D.C.: White nationalist group involved in Sacramento violence says it will be at Republican convention.

WBUR-FM (Boston): Examining the white supremacist ideologue at the heart of Sacramento’s violent rally.

Charlotte Observer (NC): Gastonia ‘patriot’ who swore to use bombs to fight federal takeover gets 22-month prison term.

Fusion: This hacktivist found a brilliant way to get back at neo-Nazis using their own tools.

Right Wing Watch: Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver criticizes Orlando memorials for turning into ‘homosexual love fests.’

Salt Lake Tribune: Militia activists say they warned Finicum family about the man now accused of attempting to bomb BLM facility.

Vice: Actual cuckolds are pissed off at the Alt-Right for using ‘cuck’ as an insult.

Crooks and Liars: Catholic Defense League’s Bill Donohue melts down when confronted with pope’s call for apologies to LGBTs.

The Advocate: National Organization for Marriage’s annual anti-LGBT rally draws a tiny crowd of only 237 people.

The New Yorker: How real is the new far right? All too real.

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