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Hatewatch Headlines 6/22/2016

Atlanta Black Star: Resurgence of white supremacist terrorism in the wake of Obama’s election is still going strong.

Medium: Extreme-right political violence like Jo Cox’s murder is often steeped in the mythology of the ‘lone wolf.’

The Daily Beast: Donald Trump’s anti-Semitic mob came for me, and it was eye opening.

Right Wing Watch: Trump taps Michele Bachmann, James Dobson and other far-right leaders for evangelical advisory board.

CNN: FRC’s Tony Perkins thinks Trump would be better for LGBT Americans than Clinton.

WMAZ-TV (Macon, GA): Leaders of Georgia church who praised Orlando shootings are asked to move out of their building.

Raw Story: Man pretending to be a cop barges into Muslim prayer service and screams ‘Jesus is Lord’.

Think Progress: Deportation raids in the Midwest rattle the immigrant community.

Talking Points Memo: Idaho officials rebut false story of refugee gang rape hyped on fringe news sites.

WXIA-TV (Atlanta): Anti-LGBT newsletters promoting Ku Klux Klan circulated in Mississippi neighborhoods.

Fox13 Now (Salt Lake City): Aryan Brotherhood member fires dozens of rounds at clerk from motel parking lot.

CNN Money: Muslim woman deluged by ‘hate tweets’ after volunteering to help Homeland Security panel.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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