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Hatewatch Headlines 6/20/2016

Think Progress: After Republicans refuse, Democrats hold their own hearing on the Malheur wildlife-refuge takeover.

CBS News: Donald Trump says the U.S. must ‘start thinking about’ racially profiling Muslim Americans.

The Daily Beast: The Nazi family living in an abandoned Long Island home terrorized their neighbors, too.

Daily Mail (UK): American neo-Nazi group leader says slain British MP ‘put a target on her back.’

AL.com: Alabama’s Baldwin County refuses to lower its flag to half-staff to honor victims of Orlando massacre.

CNN: Battle over Confederate symbols continues with effort to change Mississippi’s state flag.

Tampa Bay Times: LGBT rainbow ‘pride’ flag outside courthouse ‘unbearable’ for Christian employee, Florida commissioner says.

Right Wing Watch: Trump’s ‘Christian policy’ liaison says he’s ready to be thrown in a furnace in protest of LGBT equality.

Columbia Daily Tribune: Young white man who posted threat to ‘shoot every black person I see’ during Missouri protests gets probation.

Raw Story: Meet the shock troops of Trump’s America, personified in a Portland ‘Students For Trump’ group.

Media Matters: How the media should interview a hate-group leader like Tony Perkins.

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