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Hatewatch Headlines 6/17/2016

Washington Post: House Dems examine right-wing domestic terrorism, hit GOP for not combating ‘growing threat.’

Politico: How the Confederate flag rose again – and is helping Donald Trump.

Salon: Donald Trump, the conspiracy candidate, continues to support Alex Jones and his insane smears of Obama.

Talking Points Memo: Gun-toting, Bundy-defending Nevada GOPer Michele Fiore loses her congressional race.

Jezebel: Two San Diego Marines under investigation for allegedly threatening to attack gay bars.

AM New York: Elliot Morales sentenced to 40 years in prison for 2013 hate-crime murder of gay man in Greenwich Village.

Roll Call: Georgia congressman reads Bible verse calling homosexuals ‘worthy of death’ before key vote.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Lone-wolf terrorism remains almost impossible for police to stop.

Media Matters: Fox News’ Megyn Kelly invites Brigitte Gabriel, leader of anti-Muslim hate group, on air to discuss Orlando tragedy.

The Hill: Don’t let an act of homophobia become an excuse for Islamophobia.

USA Today: Is there a psychology of hate we need to understand better to prevent acts like the Orlando massacre?

Fusion: Orlando, race, and the meaning of terror.

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