Hatewatch Headlines 6/1/2016

Domestic extremists atop the threat list; Bundy wants to have his guns in jail; Utah sheriffs threaten to arrest federal rangers; and more.

The Conversation: In America, domestic extremists are a bigger threat than foreign terrorism.

Wonkette: Ryan Bundy doesn’t understand why he can’t have his guns in jail.

NPR: ‘Constitutionalist’ Utah sheriffs threaten to arrest federal rangers if they try to close access to public lands.

Right Wing Watch: Larry Pratt warns that if conservatives lose the Supreme Court, we may ‘have to resort to the bullet box.’

Think Progress: Donald Trump rejects the Hitler comparisons, but humbly suggests a few of his own.

The New Civil Rights Movement: Dallas police partner with anti-LGBT megachurch pastor amid string of unsolved anti-gay hate crimes.

Salon: Bill O’Reilly’s latest racial bloviating with tales of black thuggery is stuff he’s just making up.

Talking Points Memo: White nationalist dumped as Trump delegate begs to go to RNC as a volunteer.

CBS 11 (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX): Five students arrested for ‘senior prank’ involving racist graffiti at Arlington school.

WPIX-TV (Burlington, VT): Transgender man dies after brutal attack at homeless encampment.

Los Angeles Times: Confederate flags have no business flying over our national cemeteries.

Raw Story: White supremacists want everyone to see the ‘Angry Birds’ movie, for the dumbest reason imaginable.

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