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Hatewatch Headlines 6/10/2016

Trump inspires schoolyard bullies too; Duke defends Trump, blames Jews; Pratt wants to save us from insurgencies; and more.

The Guardian (UK): ‘You were born in a Taco Bell’: Donald Trump’s rhetoric fuels school bullies across the U.S.

Media Matters: Bill O’Reilly tells GOP congressman not to call Trump’s remarks racist because Trump isn’t David Duke.

Politico: David Duke defends Trump, while blaming Jews for criticism over his remarks about judge.

Talking Points Memo: Republican congressman likens the judge in Trump University case to a white supremacist.

Think Progress: Gun-rights extremist Larry Pratt says only voter ID laws can prevent right-wing armed insurgencies.

WABC-TV (New York): Muslim man attacked outside Queens mosque in possible hate crime.

Right Wing Watch: GOP Rep. Dianne Black wants Planned Parenthood investigated just because they provide abortions.

KOIN-TV (Portland, OR): Leader of white-supremacist ‘Krude Rude Brood’ gang sentenced to federal prison.

Knoxville News: Apparent ‘sovereign citizen’ sign on county official’s door leads to political uproar.

Crooks and Liars: Trump trolls harass Texas high-school valedictorian who came out as undocumented at school’s end.

Sun-Sentinel (Palm Beach, FL): Florida man charged with hate crime for fatally beating Hispanic man.

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