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Hatewatch Headlines 5/24/2016

Neo-Nazis adopt an unsuspecting Swift; Bundy attorney argue charges are illegal; Boykin rehired after right browbeats college; and more.

Broadly: How an unsuspecting Taylor Swift was adopted as the top pop idol for today’s neo-Nazi set.

Media Matters: How Donald Trump promotes crackpot far-right conspiracy theories.

Rolling Stone: Oregon candidates who backed the Malheur militia takeover are overwhelmingly voted out.

Oregon Public Broadcasting: Bundys’ defense attorneys argue that some of the Malheur charges are unconstitutional.

Providence Journal (RI): Swastika symbol scrawled on Pawtucket synagogue called an ‘act of cowardice.’

Raw Story: Trump’s new ‘Christian policy’ adviser claims he once stopped a tsunami through prayer.

Talking Points Memo: What can tank this conspiracy-theory-loving Texas board of education candidate?

Think Progress: A gay men’s chorus was humiliated at a San Diego Padres game, and it’s still unclear why.

Bismarck Tribune (ND): Small town of Antler broke the law when it razed a property being sought by white supremacist.

Right Wing Watch: How the religious right browbeat a private school into rehiring extremist Gen. Boykin after anti-LGBT remarks.

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