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Hatewatch Headlines 5/16/2016

Trump predicts terror attack by refugees; Montana candidate an outspoken nationalist; Perkins wants Obama impeached; and more.

BuzzFeed: Donald Trump predicts refugees with ISIS phones will commit a 9/11-size attack in the U.S.

Sacramento Bee: Two California Trump delegates drop out after angry backlash from Latinos.

Talking Points Memo: Get to know the fringe activists who made it onto Trump’s delegate lists.

Los Angeles Times: Union for Border Patrol agents comes under fire for its endorsement of Trump.

Montana Cowgirl: Flathead legislative candidate is outspoken white nationalist with support from prominent Republicans.

Media Matters: NPR hosts extreme anti-LGBT group to peddle dishonest attacks on transgender student equality.

NewWorks: Pair arrested for hate crime after tossing severed cow’s head into a Pennsylvania bovine sanctuary run by Hindus.

Raw Story: Scientists confirm what conservative have always denied – that the Tea Party is driven by fear of a black president.

Essence: White barber in South Carolina arrested after pulling gun on black customer who wanted a shave.

Decatur Daily (AL): Republican lawmakers files an Alabama version of a ‘bathroom bill.’

Huffington Post: Anti-LGBT hate-group spokesman can’t answer the simplest questions about trans people’s use of bathrooms.

Right Wing Watch: FRC’s Tony Perkins thinks President Obama should be impeached over trans people in bathrooms.

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