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Hatewatch Headlines 5/13/2016

Trump plays down Muslim ban now; Duke wants to be ‘insurance’ veep pick; Cavuto asks Arpaio for Latino outreach advice; and more.

Think Progress: Donald Trump tries to have it both ways on planned Muslim ban, now says ‘it was just a suggestion.’

International Business Times: David Duke wants to be Trump’s veep pick, says he’d be ‘life insurance’ for the Donald.

The Washington Post: Why a white nationalist is trying to board the Trump train.

Right Wing Watch: Trump gets the backing of activists who deny marital rape, oppose women’s suffrage.

WTSP-TV (Tampa Bay, FL): Self-described ‘extremist nut’ militiaman arrested after threatening governor’s staffer.

Media Matters: Fox’s Neil Cavuto asks notorious anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio for guidance on GOP outreach to Latinos.

Imagine 2050: Director Leah Durant leaves front group ‘Progressives’ for Immigration Reform.

Talking Points Memo: George Zimmerman moves auction of gun that killed Trayvon Martin to new website.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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