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Hatewatch Headlines 4/8/2016

The ‘alt right’ brandishes its guns; Harry Reid blasts the Bundys; Why the latest anti-LGBT onslaught is doomed to fail; and more.

Vice: The Trump-loving ‘alt right’ turns to guns in order to provoke and offend people.

Talking Points Memo: Harry Reid blasts Bundys and their followers, wants to make site of Bunkerville standoff a national monument.

Salon: The anti-LGBT bigots are making their last stand in North Carolina and Mississippi, and here’s why it won’t last.

CNN: Why the sudden onslaught of anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bills, and why now?

JoeMyGod: Maine officials approve language of ballot initiative to repeal all LGBT rights.

NBC News: Two men suspected of attacking elderly Sikh man in California charged with hate crimes.

Imagine 2050: Sara Blackwell, attorney promoted by Trump and anti-immigrant hate group, announces bid for Florida House seat.

Right Wing Watch: FRC’s Tony Perkins says businesses who support LGBT rights have ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’

Associated Press: Former lawmaker Frank Wolf warns FRC forum that the fight against Islamic extremists is ‘World War 3.’

Seattle Times: Mental hospital escapee is a survivalist who wants to emulate the Oklahoma City bomber.

Washington Post: The uncomfortable link between jury empowerment and bigotry.

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