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Hatewatch Headlines 4/5/2016

Standoff fallout sheds light on CSPOA; White nationalists robocall for Trump; Trial opens in murder of transgender woman; and more.

Associated Press: Oregon standoff sheds some light on far-right ‘constitutional sheriffs’ group.

The Guardian (UK): Despite federal arrests in Oregon, ranchers in Utah vow they intend to ‘stand up’ to the government too.

Raw Story: White nationalist group floods ‘every Wisconsin landline’ with robocalls backing Donald Trump.

OtherWords: By turning white nationalists into political players, Trump is opening the floodgates of hell.

The Tennessean: Those lawmakers who want to make the Bible the official state book are theocrats at their core.

NBC News: As trial begins in murder of Harlem transgender woman, advocates rally for slain friend.

USA Today: Los Angeles man charged with hate crime in the murder of his gay son.

WDIV-TV (Detroit): Antigovernment ‘Sovereign citizen’ fraud investigation uncovers possible child-pornography outfit.

The Oregonian: Judge orders noted ‘sovereign citizen’ guru Winston Shrout to halt his ‘consulting’ work.

WTVY-TV (Montgomery, AL): Former Ku Klux Klan member faces more prison time on weapons-possession guilty plea.

Religion Dispatches: I was a pastor to the people who became Trump supporters.

Think Progress: Justice Ginsburg just shut down one of America’s most notorious white-rights advocates.

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