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Hatewatch Headlines 4/29/2016

Mack urges sheriffs to defy federal laws; Moore goes on bizarre rant against critics; PBS hosts anti-choice extremist to discuss guns; and more.

Washington Post: Richard Mack’s national sheriff’s group, opposed to federal laws on guns and taxes, calls for defiance.

Oregon Public Broadcasting: Bundy attorney urged supporters to harass officials with flood of frivolous records requests.

AL.com: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore goes on bizarre rant attacking his critics, blaming SPLC, ‘transvestite,’ and others.

Media Matters: Meet Troy Newman, the anti-choice extremist that PBS is hosting to talk about guns.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Schlafly’s Eagle Forum board sues to remove Ed Martin as director.

Houston Chronicle: Houston Aryan gang member makes Texas most-wanted list.

Salon: ‘Conspiracy theorist’ in panda suit shot after allegedly threatening to bomb Baltimore Fox affiliate if it wouldn’t cover his story.

New York Daily News: Tennessee governor signs bill allowing counselors to reject LGBT patients based on religious beliefs.

TFN Insider: Has the Texas attorney general’s office become a tentacle of a religious-right group?

WPTZ-TV (Burlington, VT): Self-proclaimed Ku Klux Klan recruiter changes plea, says he never meant to target black women with fliers.

Yakima Herald (WA): Bail set for former ‘constitutional’ sheriff’s candidate Anthony Bosworth in for allegedly assaulting daughter.

Think Progress: Alabama Secretary of State says Confederates fought for a ‘special’ way of life.

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