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Hatewatch Headlines 4/28/2016

Kansas wants out of refugee program; Roy Moore wants complaints dismissed; KKK rally stabbing victim wants L.A. police investigated; and more.

Washington Post: Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback backs out of refugee program, saying ‘the federal government has failed.’

The Hill: GOP Senate candidate from Florida proposes banning all Middle Easterners from the U.S.

Media Matters: Birtherism is Trump’s original sin, and now it’s the media’s latest one.

AL.com: Alabama justice Roy Moore to ask for ‘unfounded’ judicial complaints over anti-LGBT behavior to be dismissed.

Talking Points Memo: Top North Carolina Senate Republican wants to put anti-LGBT law on the November ballot.

Daily Courier (Prescott, AZ): Home occupiers spouting sovereign-citizen language appear in court, deny illegal activity.

Los Angeles Times: Man stabbed at Anaheim KKK rally calls for investigation of police.

The Conversation: The effect that racist rhetoric has on young Latinos, and why all Americans should care.

Vice: Hundreds of police officers gather to hear noted anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist lecture on Islam and terrorism.

Right Wing Watch: Religious right activists tell Target customers that their daughters could be raped.

Jewish Journal: Conference dedicated to science-fiction author Philip K. Dick disinvites white separatist.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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