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Hatewatch Headlines 4/27/2016

Oklahoma bill would jail abortion providers; China trade job losses seem to fuel extremism; White supremacists feud over gender gap; and more.

Mother Jones: Oklahoma is about to enact a bill that would jail abortion providers, and define post-miscarriage surgery as abortion.

Raw Story: Legal experts mock Ammon Bundy’s defense team for ignoring ‘unmistakable legal reality.’

The New York Times: When jobs are squeezed out by Chinese trade, angry voters often turn to extremism.

Media Matters: Major news outlets fail to fully identify the anti-LGBT hate group behind the boycott of Target.

The Daily Beast: Skinheads come out in full force for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania.

Think Progress: Ted Cruz doesn’t want any transgender people to use any public bathroom anywhere.

Washington Post: President Obama’s legacy will note his accomplishments, but the racial backlash he faced was unprecedented.

Access ADL: White supremacists feud over the gender gap in their ranks, and whether misogyny is a smart strategy.

Chillicothe News (MO): Man claiming he’s organizing a militia to take on law enforcement arrested for terroristic threats.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Dylann Roof’s friend, Joey Meek, will plead guilty, testify at upcoming church-shooting trial.

Salon: Alex Jones is convinced Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ is part of CIA-NFL plot to start anti-white, anti-male civil war in America.

The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA): Militiaman from Los Osos is among those facing trial in Malheur standoff in Oregon.

Right Wing Watch: WCF’s Don Feder objects to Harriet Tubman on the $20 because ‘American history was made by white males.’

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