Hatewatch Headlines 4/26/2016

Bundy’s attorneys claim Feds have no jurisdiction over lands; Cruz campaign recruits kooks; Muslim cemeteries face backlash; and more.

Talking Points Memo: Ammon Bundy’s legal team argues that charges should be dismissed because feds have no jurisdiction over federal lands.

Wonkette: Bundy’s buddies added crude drawing of penis to petroglyphs at Malheur site sacred to Native Americans.

Montana Cowgirl: Ted Cruz’s campaign in Montana recruits local conspiracy theorists, crackpots.

Fox Carolina: South Carolina police chief suspended over racially incendiary social-media posts.

Media Matters: Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow proposed a harmful new ‘treatment’ for transgender children.

Right Wing Watch: Chuck Norris gets behind the chemtrails theory.

Seattle Times: Vandals hit Seattle church with racist graffiti.

Associated Press: Backlash greets plans for Muslim cemeteries across the United States.

Raw Story: Maine’s Tea Party governor goes on a weird racist rant about workers from Bulgaria and India.

Think Progress: Texas man sentenced to die after expert testified that black people are ‘dangerous.’

The Advocate: FBI reveals that in the ‘60s, then-Louisiana Gov. John McKeithen arranged payments to KKK to keep down the violence.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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