Hatewatch Headlines 4/19/2016

What’s new, and what’s not, about the ‘alt-right’; Oath Keepers boss is ready for war; Texas GOP to debate secession; and more.

Vox: The ‘alt-right’ is more than warmed-over white supremacy – it’s that, but a whole lot weirder.

Right Wing Watch: Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes is ready for war with liberal, Islamist, drug-cartel coalition.

Talking Points Memo: Texas Republicans to debate secession from the union at next state convention.

Raw Story: North Carolina NAACP leader kicked off flight after confronting racist passenger — and conservatives pounce.

Kansas City Star: Joplin, Mo., man linked to clinic arsons pleads guilty to setting fire that destroyed mosque.

The Daily Beast: Is Ted Cruz behind the coup that’s overthrown Phyllis Schlafly at Eagle Forum?

WZZM-TV (Nashville): Springfield National Socialist Movement member upsets neighbors by flying Nazi flag.

The New York Times: More about the hysteria driving the ‘bathroom bill’ insanity.

Commentary: The coming of the new conservative dark age.

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