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Hatewatch Headlines 4/12/2016

Schlafly out at Eagle Forum? Meet the Trump Bros; Colorado shooter idolized Florida doctor killer; and more.

Right Wing Watch: Phylis Schlafly faces ouster at Eagle Forum following her endorsement of Donald Trump.

Kansas City Star: Kris Kobach says he helped advise Trump on how to deal with Mexico on building that wall.

Salon: Republicans can’t stop boasting about their plans to suppress the vote and rig our electoral system.

Wichita Eagle: Analysts, militia groups weigh in on Wichita mosque controversy.

Talking Points Memo: Colorado Springs women’s-clinic shooter idolized Florida anti-abortion fanatic who killed doctor.

WSOC-TV (Jacksonville, FL): ‘Islam, Bloody Islam’ billboard along St. Augustine freeway sparks outrage, petition.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia Capitol police put out alert on man planning a gun-toting anti-Islam rally outside Statehouse.

WISC-TV (Madison, WI): Beloit school district investigating racist chants directed at black, Latina players: ‘Donald Trump, build that wall.’

Huffington Post: Porn site bans North Carolina users due to that state’s new anti-LGBT law.

Gawker: The creative writing of the Internet’s premier white supremacist forum.

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