Hatewatch Headlines 4/11/2016

Trump reopens old hate crime wounds; Indiana militiamen explain their motives; Cruz ‘honored’ to get Klingenschmitt’s backing; and more.

New York Times: Donald Trump reopens the wounds of a brutal hate crime on Long Island.

Raw Story: White separatist advises Trump to woo women voters, stop being an ‘asshole’ and ‘seduce them.’

Vox: Among Trump’s biggest fans are Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

Right Wing Watch: Ted Cruz is ‘honored’ to have the support of demon-hunting, anti-LGBT Colorado legislator.

Indianapolis Star: Inside an Indiana militia, and what drives people to join them.

Lex18.com (Lexington, KY): Police charge teen for harassing black high-school student by threatening to lynch him.

Reuters: Arizona white supremacist pleads guilty to 2015 shooting spree in Mesa that killed one, wounded five.

Breitbart Unmasked: Ohio ‘sovereign citizen’ loses his hand to a homemade bomb.

Crooks and Liars: Fox News brings on anti-LGBT bigot Tony Perkins to ‘separate fact from fiction’ on ‘religious liberty’ laws.

Media Matters: Bruce Springsteen cancels Charlotte concert as protest against ‘bigotry’ of North Carolina anti-LGBT law.

Washington Post: A photographer hung out with the Ku Klux Klan in their home element, and here’s what he saw.

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