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Hatewatch Headlines 1/3/2017

NPR: Advocacy group push for greater, better tracking of hate crimes.

The Guardian (UK): ‘Alt-Right’ groups will ‘revolt’ if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say.

Boston Globe: Boston area colleges get a schooling in the meaning of hate crimes in post-election wave.

The Atlantic: Will the Alt-Right promote a new kind of racist genetics through easy genomic sequencing tests?

AlterNet: White nationalist leader Jared Taylor unloads five of his most horrifying hopes for America.

Jacobin: The elitist roots of Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right bigotry.

Right Wing Watch: Michael Savage claims Trump’s election saved white children from slavery.

The Daily Beast: The Alt-Right’s newest twist on the ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy revolves around an NBA player’s injured knee.

Palm Beach Post: Neo-Nazi site encourages Twitter users to create ‘fake black person accounts.’

Jezebel: What Obama’s new national monuments in Utah and Nevada mean for the militia movement.

Washington Post: Vandals in Arizona twist a Jewish family’s menorah into a swastika.

Business Insider: A far-right Russian political party is helping a ‘progressive’ American secessionist set up shop in Moscow.

Mail & Guardian (South Africa): Anti-LGBT U.S. pastor Steven Anderson in joint venture with Cape Town church.

Oregonian: Looking back a year later, the ranch family at center of Malheur standoff was ‘scared to death.’

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