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Hatewatch Headlines 12/9/2016

Vox: How journalists are shaping the way Americans understand contemporary white nationalism.

Mother Jones: We talked to the experts about what terms to use for which group of racists.

Newsweek: Poll finds Americans think Donald Trump is too close to white-nationalist groups.

Esquire: Republican superstars like Kris Kobach are already fluent in the language of white supremacy.

Star-Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Ilhan Omar, the first elected Somali-American lawmaker, says D.C. cabbie called her ‘ISIS.’

Salem Weekly (OR): Some people believe the election results have given them permission to spew hate.

Detroit Free Press: Racially charged alt-right fliers taken down on University of Michigan campus.

Right Wing Watch: Austin Ruse’s anti-LGBT United Nations crusade may get a big boost from Trump.

The Advocate: ‘Ex-gay’ programs could stage a comeback in the age of Trump.

Access ADL: Hardcore white supremacists blended in with the crowd at Richard Spencer’s D.C. alt-right event.

St. Louis Jewish Light: Jewish, progressive groups bring Congress 1 million signatures opposing Bannon appointment.

JoeMyGod: New York firefighter charged with setting own home ablaze, then blaming Black Lives Matter.

Fast Company: Adult Swim network cancels its alt-right comedy show ‘Million Dollar Extreme,’ but is mum about it.

Talking Points Memo: Largest-ever survey of transgender Americans finds widespread discrimination.

Mic: Unerased: A comprehensive look at transgender lives lost to violence since 2010.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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