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Hatewatch Headlines 12/8/2016

Vox: Everything you were afraid to ask about white nationalism’s new place in American politics.

Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN): Breaking down white nationalists’ rhetoric reveals their deeply supremacist ideas.

The New York Times: Heart-rending testimony from eyewitness to slaughter open Dylann Roof’s trial in Charleston.

Slate: Trump campaign admits pizza-sex-conspiracy weirdo was involved in transition.

NPR: Radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims the ear of Trump, and pushes ‘Pizzagate’ fictions.

Washington Post: ‘Pizzagate’: From rumor, to hashtag, to gunfire in D.C.

The New York Times: Comet Ping Pong gunman answers our reporter’s questions.

The Atlantic: Did Jeff Sessions really champion desegregation? His real-life record is remarkably thin in that regard.

Talking Points Memo: How an Islamophobic smear trickled down from Fox Business News to hit one family in Alaska.

Oregonian: Three Malheur refuge occupiers claim to be on terrorism watch list, and evidence suggests it’s true.

OC Weekly (Orange County, CA): OC Klan Grand Dragon William Ernest Hagen held in North Carolina stabbing of fellow Klansman.

USA Today: Hundreds of students protest appearance at Texas A&M by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

Raw Story: Sandy Hook ‘truther’ arrested in Florida for making threats against the father of slain boy.

San Diego Union-Tribune (CA): In diverse California, young white supremacist Nathan Damigo seeks college-age recruits.

Right Wing Watch: Iowa radio host Steve Deace calls for ‘D-Day-like’ ‘cleansing’ to stop the ‘Rainbow Jihad’ that wants ‘to kill us.’

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