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Hatewatch Headlines 12/7/2016

Harvard Political Review: Donald Trump’s choice to include Stephen Bannon in his White House is as bad as it looks.

New York Times: Finding hate crimes on the rise, New York leaders condemn vicious acts, call on Trump to act.

Right Wing Watch: WND’s Joseph Farah says Trump is right about illegal voters, but he has no evidence.

Salon: FAIR makes its play to move from fringe hate group to driver’s seat on Trump’s immigration policies.

Talking Points Memo: Feds say man involved in Kansas bombing plot had a trove of child pornography.

Washington Post: Charleston braces for Dylann Roof’s trial, as community goes looking for justice.

Mother Jones: The push to enlist ‘alt-right’ recruits on the nation’s college campuses.

Chicago Maroon: Militant neo-Nazi group claims credit for hanging Hitler portrait with swastikas on campus building.

Media Matters: Fox News continues to downplay the fake news its runs and its dangerous consequences.

Think Progress: The most dangerous thing about fake news sites isn’t what they say, but how they say it.

CNN: Funds come flooding in for interracial couple whose home was vandalized with hate graffiti.

Raw Story: Neo-Nazis call for boycott of new ‘Star Wars’ film, calling it a ‘Jew masturbation fantasy of anti-white hatred.’

Los Angeles Times: Under proposed legislation, Californians could search a database for names of those convicted of hate crimes.

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