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Hatewatch Headlines 12/6/2016

Politico: Donald Trump and the rise of the alt-reality media.

Think Progress: Michael Flynn’s son, a Trump transition official, is active on white nationalists’ new favorite social media platform.

The Slot: A short, terrifying introduction to the insurrectionist antigovernment sheriff Trump may put in his Cabinet.

AlterNet: The dark conspiracy theories that consume Trump’s mind.

Chicago Tribune: Today it’s bigoted rants we’re hearing from Trump supporters, but what about tomorrow?

Media Matters: Bill O’Reilly calls for a one-year ban on all refugees coming to the United States.

New York Times: Feeling threatened, American Jews and Muslims join hands.

Japan Times: Ku Klux Klan ranks believe they’re taking their cue from Trump in expanding their racist message.

Inquisitr: Klan organizer from Trump rally in North Carolina missed the parade because he was in jail for attempted murder.

Houston Chronicle: How James Dobson evolved the KKK’s message so that evangelicals could embrace it.

Deadspin: Phillies’ ‘Pistachio Girl’ fired after she publicly embraces white-nationalist movement.

Raw Story: Internet trolls harass 7-year-old Syrian girl documenting the horrors of Aleppo.

Salon: New Texas legislation endangers LGBT youth by creating push for gay-conversion therapy.

Washington Post: ‘Raw hatred’ as vandals break into interracial couple’s home, spray paint slurs and swastikas.

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