Hatewatch Headlines 12/14/2016

Gizmodo: Google won’t alter the Holocaust-denying results for a simple ‘Did the Holocaust happen’ search.

CNN Tech: European commission pushes U.S. tech, social media companies to act faster in removing hate speech.

Reuters: Tech employees vow not to help Trump surveil Muslims, deport immigrants.

New York Times Magazine: Who’s responsible when extremists get a platform?

Talking Points Memo: ‘Pizzagate’ shooter tried to recruit friends, suggested he was willing to die.

Media Matters: Alex Jones scrubs his website of ‘Pizzagate’ material, while complaint reveals new tie connecting shooter to Jones.

Salon: Alex in Wonderland as the conspiracy-meister tries to paint a ‘rogue CIA’ behind the Russia story.

Right Wing Watch: John Bolton’s ‘false flag’ claim, and five other conspiracy theories he’s embraced.

Christian Science Monitor: What motivated Dylann Roof? Confession played in court offers clues.

CNet: Hate speech makes its return to Twitter along with the Alt-Right’s Richard Spencer.

KULR8-TV (Kalispell, MT): Spencer’s racist activism in Montana tears apart a community, and his family too.

Raw Story: Michigan firefighter canned after berating woman with racist pro-slavery rant on Facebook.

Los Angeles Times: Police seeking second man they believe responsible for hate-crime stabbing of Simi Valley mosque worshiper.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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