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Hatewatch Headlines 12/12/2016

New York Times Magazine: We don’t talk about ‘online radicalization’ when the attacker isn’t Muslim, and we should.

Boston Globe: Should Twitter ban the Alt-Right? The case for online censorship.

Politico: The Alt-Right favorite new social network, Gab, leaves out a welcome mat for fake news.

Right Wing Watch: Scott Lively predicts a Donald Trump presidency means beginning of the end of the LGBT movement.

AlterNet: Trump’s National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, is a thug with a tinfoil hat who puts us all at risk.

Huffington Post: Muslim NYPD officers ask for meeting with Trump to discuss spike in hate crimes.

Los Angeles Times: Man stabs worshiper near Simi Valley mosque in hate crime, police say.

New York Daily News: 18-year-old Long Island Muslim student who was harassed at subway station now reported missing.

NorthJersey.com: Vandals break into home of Giants player, leave behind racist graffiti saying ‘KKK’ and ‘Trump.’

AOL News: Staffer for former Rep. Allen West tweets insinuation that Trump picked Mattis to ‘exterminate’ Muslims, then apologizes.

Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX): Fort Worth tale of meth, murder and Aryan gangs reminiscent of ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

Raw Story: Denver neighborhood rallies to boot out neo-Nazis who are ‘terrorizing’ everyone.

Missoulian: Groups push back against increasing appearances of white-supremacist literature in Missoula.

New York Times: An alt-right makeover does its best to disguise the swastikas.

Talking Points Memo: Congress sends President Obama legislation to continue civil-rights-era murder investigations.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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