Hatewatch Headlines 11/8/2016

BuzzFeed: Inside 4chan’s Alt-Right playbook for mischief and mayhem on Election Day.

New York Times: Donald Trump’s extremist supporters feel like winners either way.

Media Matters: Trump’s white nationalist backers love his ‘Nazi’ closing ad because it ‘blasts’ the ‘evil Jews.’

Salon: How likely is an Alt-Right-led ‘revolution’ after Election Day? Not very.

Right Wing Watch: Pro-Trump group releases bizarre ‘Islamic States of America’ ad.

Sydney Morning Herald: For Alt-Right guru Richard Spencer, Nov. 9 is takeover day, and Trump is a prophet.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Police investigating anonymous letters threatening black churches, mention Dylann Roof.

Time: Putting Roof to death would do nothing to help stop racial injustice.

Mediaite: Fox Business News deceptively edits video to suggest President Obama urged undocumented immigrants to vote.

Washington Post: ‘Constitutionalist’ KrisAnne Hall tours the country spreading the gospel of far-right belief system.

Los Angeles Times: LAX gunman who targeted TSA officers out of conspiracist beliefs sentenced to life in prison.

Raw Story: Soledad O’Brien castigates cable news for ‘normalizing white supremacy’ with its coverage of Trump.

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