Hatewatch Headlines 1/13/2017

Talking Points Memo: Short $60 and a proper permit, neo-Nazi site calls off march in small Montana town.

BuzzFeed: Inside the alt-right’s campaign to smear Trump inauguration protesters as anarchists.

Mother Jones: Why Dylann Roof’s death sentence may never be carried out.

LA Weekly: Day laborers have become easy targets for anti-immigrant vigilantes.

Right Wing Watch: Anti-choice activist confident a Jeff Sessions-led DOJ will go after Planned Parenthood.

Salon: Sessions and Lindsay Graham reflect white Southerners’ self-pity, while John Lewis taught some history.

Media Matters: Russia Today host tells Alex Jones that Putin told him, ‘Say hi to Alex.’

AlterNet: Samantha Bee’s ‘White Plight’ episode illustrates the fallacy of ‘reverse racism’ in the Trump era.

Access ADL: ‘White Lives Matter’ supremacists demonstrate in front of menorah at Chicago’s Daley Plaza.

WGNA-FM (Albany, NY): Neo-Nazi Instagram account creates a furor at Saratoga High School.

Jacobin: How David Horowitz went from left-wing radical to reactionary ally of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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