Hatewatch Headlines 11/30/2016

The Guardian (UK): Donald Trump’s election led to a ‘barrage of hate’ targeting immigrants, Muslims, and blacks.

Rolling Stone: Why the Alt-Right is celebrating Donald Trump’s victory: ‘We’ve been legitimized.’

The New York Times: This Week in Hate: Threats of an anti-Muslim Holocaust.

New York Magazine: Incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is a big fan of Alt-Right figure Milo Yiannopoulos.

Think Progress: Stephen Bannon’s disturbing views on ‘genetic superiority’ are shared by Trump.

Citizen Times (Charleston, SC): Complications arise over Dylann Roof’s decision to represent himself in mass-shooting murder trial.

Washington Post: Richard Spencer’s ex-classmates at Texas A&M decry him by raising money for refugees.

Quartz: Are hate crimes really rising in America? Here’s a guide to all the data.

Sun-Sentinel (Orlando, FL): Self-professed white supremacy group founder held in murder-for-hire sting.

San Francisco Chronicle: California man pleads no contest to hate crime charge arising from gas station confrontation.

News-Press (St. Joseph, MO): Black antigovernment ‘sovereign citizen’ convicted for assaulting police officer during traffic stop.

Raw Story: White shopper melts down in racist rant – ‘I voted for Trump!’ – after black clerk asks if she wants to buy a bag.

Huffington Post: Associated Press deems Alt-Right a ‘public-relations device’ that enables racism.

JoeMyGod: Merriam-Webster issues a plea for people to look up the definition for something other than ‘fascism.’

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