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Hatewatch Headlines 11/28/2016

New York Times: Derek Black reflects back on white nationalism, and why Donald Trump is so troubling.

Media Matters: CNN’s Scottie Nell Hughes says that by ignoring neo-Nazi groups, Trump is ‘making it go away.’

Chicago Tribune: The alt-right isn’t just about white supremacy, it’s about white male supremacy.

Washington Post: Five myths about the alt-right.

The Establishment: The rise of the alt-right has a chillingly similar history to that of the religious right.

Right Wing Watch: Trump booster Wayne Allyn Root is excited that there will be no more ‘people in important positions who are Muslims.’

KMGH-TC (Denver, CO): Aurora home vandalized with ‘KKK Nigger’ graffiti while family was home.

Mother Jones: Hate crimes are rising, but don’t expect them to be prosecuted.

Huffington Post: Threatening letter to California mosques praises Trump, promises anti-Muslim genocide.

WTVT-TV (Tampa, FL): Polk City antigovernment ‘sovereign citizens’ group leader arrested, charged with holding woman hostage.

CNN: Judges rules that Charleston mass shooter Dylann Roof is competent to stand trial.

CW39-TV (Houston, TX): Texas A&M students petition university to prevent Richard Spencer from speaking there.

Raw Story: Alabama bank vice president fired after Facebook posts bragging that Trump could ‘buy and sell’ the Obamas.

Indiana Lawyer: ‘Moorish national’ loses appeal of Indianapolis house-squatting eviction.

Think Progress: New browser extension prevents white nationalism from being normalized in the news.

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