Hatewatch Headlines 11/23/2016

CNN: Donald Trump disavows the ‘alt-right,’ claims his campaign did nothing to encourage them.

Mother Jones: White nationalists see Trump as their troll-in-chief, but is he with them?

Salon: Being led by an outright conspiracy theorist like Trump puts us all in danger.

Right Wing Watch: Listen to Steve Bannon extolling the racist ‘alt-right’ a week before joining Trump’s campaign.

Washington Post: ‘Let’s party like it’s 1933’: Inside the weird alt-right world of Richard Spencer.

The Daily Beast: Is the mainstream media normalizing neo-Nazis?

Boing Boing: CNN chryon over news talk show reads: ‘Alt-Right Founder Questions If Jews Are People’.

Think Progress: We will no longer describe racists as the ‘alt-right.’

Media Matters: CNN’s David Gergen points out that Trump’s chief strategist ran a website that gave neo-Nazis a ‘platform’ and ‘oxygen.’

USA Today: Charleston shooter Dylann Roof’s competency hearing goes into second day.

Raw Story: White supremacist ‘Christian Identity’ pastor begs Trump to crack down on the Jews.

BuzzFeed: Tila Tequila suspended from Twitter for posting hate speech.

Missoulian: Montana elector quips that gays should be hanged ‘up where they can be seen and appreciated.’

AlterNet: An insider’s view of fundamentalist America and its dark rigidity.

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