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Hatewatch Headlines 10/5/2016

Mother Jones: How Donald Trump became America’s conspiracy theorist-in-chief.

Vox: Trump is toying with refusing to concede to Clinton if he loses, and that’s horrifying.

Oregonian: Ammon Bundy testifies, says he tried to resist father’s push to rally around Oregon ranchers.

Media Matters: Alex Jones has a meltdown on radio as he realizes Julian Assange’s ‘revelations’ are thin air.

Raw Story: Going full Putin, Jones posts a picture of himself topless on a horse, and the Internet can’t stop laughing.

Right Wing Watch: Sandy Rios warns that conservatives will be put in ‘reeducation camps’ if Clinton wins.

International Business Times: Truck found in parking lot of Wichita, Kan., gay-rights office was wired for explosion.

Democracy Now: Ava DuVernay’s new film ‘13th’ traces a line from slavery to modern day mass incarceration of blacks.

ArsTechnica: Notorious Alt-Right troll haven 4chan is running out of money, and Martin Shkreli wants to help.

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