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Hatewatch Headlines 10/3/2016

Think Progress: Donald Trump tells his supporters to watch polling places in urban areas. 

Salon: How Trump unleashed the bigots who the GOP had previously kept on a short tether.

USA Today: I grew up in a paranoid, racist household, and my father would have loved Trump.

Vox: Confessions of a former neo-Confederate, or how ordinary people succumb to racist claptrap.

ABC News: Right-wing activist Philip Zodhiates convicted in child-kidnapping case involving ex-same-sex partner.

Raw Story: Financial group forced to issue apology after Rudy Giuliani makes racist comments at dinner.

AL.com: Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore suspended for rest of his term.

Houston Chronicle: Racist ‘White Lives Matter’ activists face off against Black Lives Matter contingent outside ADL offices.

NBC News: A string of racist photos plagues America’s college campuses, highlights need to promote inclusion.

Associated Press: GOP asks Kentucky legislative candidate to step down after he posts racist material on Facebook.

Oregonian: Malheur standoff trial draws ‘obsessed’ observers from far and near.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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