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Hatewatch Headlines 10/24/2016

The Intercept: Violence against Hillary Clinton becomes a popular theme at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

Austin American-Statesman (TX): How Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories are channeled directly into Trump’s campaign.

Right Wing Watch: Jones warns that if Trump loses, a world war will kill a third of the planet’s population.

Politico: David Duke qualifies for Louisiana Senate debate by polls show him drawing about 5 percent of vote.

Raw Story: Trump’s rhetoric excites ‘Christian soldier’, who says ‘your skin color will be your uniform.’

National Review: Trump’s Alt-Right trolls subjected me to a torrent of abuse I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

PBS NewsHour: FBI warned of white supremacist in law enforcement 10 years ago, but has anything changed?

Kansas City Star: Politicians pilloried a 2009 DHS report on right-wing extremism, but Kansas plot may have proved it prescient.

Tufts Daily (Medford, MA): Horowitz’s hate group labels pro-Palestinian students ‘terrorists’ in posters plastered around campus.

CNN: Civil rights figure Emmett Till’s memorial sign in Mississippi scarred by bullet holes.

Washington Post: ‘What did you just call me?’ Black reporter confronts young man spewing white-supremacist rhetoric.

Cronkite News/Arizona PBS: New poll shows Joe Arpaio trailing badly in sheriff’s race, voters opposed to border wall too.

Baltimore Sun: Woman threatened after she reported police officer with ‘Oath Keepers’ cap in his patrol car.

AlterNet: In a small Virginia county, Islamophobia and legal tricks denied Muslims a house of worship.

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